National AI Centre’s Artificial Intelligence Leadership Summit

By Alison DonnellanMarch 22nd, 2023

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CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento standing with NAIC Director Stela Solar. They are standing side-by-side in front of a NAIC branded media and are both holding small paddle signs. Melinda's reads, 'Member of the Responsible AI Network,' while Stela's reads, 'I'm passionate about a responsible and inclusive AI future for Australia.'

CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento and NAIC Director Stela Solar.

Leaders from around the country gathered in Sydney last Thursday to help drive responsible artificial intelligence (AI) uptake at the National AI Centre‘s (NAIC) AI Leadership Summit.

The Responsible Artificial Intelligence Network (RAIN), a world-first cross-ecosystem program to support Australian companies to use and create AI responsibly, was launched at the event by the Minister for Industry and Science, the Hon Ed Husic MP.

Established by the National AI Centre, the network will be the gateway for Australia’s industries to uplift their practice of responsible AI.

“RAIN brings together Australia’s leading institutions, domain experts, commercial organisations, and practitioner communities to enable rapid creation and sharing of responsible AI best practice,” said Minister Husic.

Industry leaders and AI experts including AI Think Tank leaders Aurelie Jacquet, Didar Zowghi, and Judy Slatyer, hosted panel discussions and workshops throughout the day, providing practical support to help businesses implement AI responsibly.

Other thought leaders were also in attendance, including The Ethics Centre CEO  Simon Longstaff, Human Technology Institute at UTS Co-Director Nick Davis , CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento, Standards Australia CEO Adam Stingemore, The Gradient Institute CEO Bill Simpson-Young, AI Group’s Head of Industry Development and Policy Louise McGrath, Tech Council of Australia’s Public Policy Manager Erika Ly, AIIA CEO Simon Bush, CSIRO’s Data61 Director Jon Whittle, and more. 

Bringing together Australia’s AI ecosystem to focus on responsible AI development enables the creation and sharing of responsible AI best practices explains Rita Arrigo, Strategic Engagement lead at NAIC.

“Events which bring our leaders together to learn and share, and networks like RAIN empower Australia to lead AI in a way that benefits business and communities,” said Rita.

Stela Solar, Director of the NAIC said that the atmosphere at the event was amazing, with Australia’s AI ecosystem signed on for tangible action on responsible AI.

“We are really excited to see the momentum building and to grow this opportunity for Australia, together,” said Stela.

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