D61+ Live – Media Highlights

By Algorithm EditorialOctober 15th, 2018

Last month, CSIRO’s Data61 held our technology and ideas showcase in Brisbane. D61+ Live covered two days of talks, panels  and conversations around the biggest challenges  underpinning data science. The opportunities for Australian innovation, privacy, the ethics of AI, our new challenge program and cybersecurity were some of the themes we covered at the event.

More than 1,300 people attended the event over two days, with 56 speakers, 51 booths and widespread media and social media attention.


Media highlights

“Waiter there’s data in my Negroni: Data61 takes on Amazon and Google”

Angus Grigg, Australian Financial Review

“This is the idea of data portability. It has already been applied to mobile phone numbers, which stay with the user even when they change providers and will soon be available for Australian banking customers to enable easier switching and encouragement of new entrants into the sector.

The next step is for the data created by the likes of Alexa to be retained by the user, enabling them to more easily switch to a rival platform or exit the ecosystem entirely”

“​CUA partnering with startups to bring AI to members”

Asha McLean, ZDNet

“Speaking at D61+ LIVE in Brisbane on Tuesday, Witheriff said that CUA is pushing itself into emerging technologies such as AI, and is doing so with the help of partners, in particular fintechs.

“Because we’re a small organisation, or relatively small, we need to innovate through partnerships, whether that’s with universities, corporates, or the fintech ecosystem,” she explained. “In this situation, we’re partnering with fintechs to be able to bring AI into the experience that we offer for our members”

“Driverless Tractors, Underground Robots And Bees With Backpacks”

Georgina McKerrow, Ten Eyewitness News

“Data61 is a major showcase involving CSIRO researchers and inventors.

On Tuesday they took over 40 booths filled with robotics, data prediction and virtual reality.

”This event is significant. Australia has a $315 billion dollar GDP opportunity if it capitalises and translates the sort of research that we’re doing into industry. In sectors like mining or agriculture or healthcare.” Data61 CEO Adrian Turner said”

“Unlocking “unprofitable beasts” and why they need more patient capital”

Matt Ogg, Business News Australia

“Companies are staying private for longer than ever before with abundant capital on offer, but the flipside is that sizeable global funds are entering the Australian market earlier to make their mark on the startup community.

Meanwhile, local public equity funds are often unable to do the same due to mandates that don’t allow investments in unprofitable companies.

This was one message from Blackbird Ventures partner Samantha Wong (pictured) while speaking at the CSIRO’s D61 + Live showcase today in Brisbane, where she took part in a panel that addressed the country’s ‘impatient capital’ dilemma”

“Australia’s $315bn digital opportunity”

David Swan, The Australian

“Australia’s strong economic growth is at risk unless it can capitalise on a $315 billion digital innovation opportunity, according to a new report from AlphaBeta Advisors and CSIRO’s Data61 innovation agency.

The report, launched at a Brisbane conference, found Australia needs increases in productivity and new sources of export competitiveness to secure the country’s economic future”