D61+Live 2018 – Building robust AI

By AlgorithmMarch 6th, 2019

While artificial intelligence can undertake some tasks more efficiently than humans, there are other tasks it cannot adequately replicate. What happens if an autonomous vehicle interprets a tampered stop sign as a speed limit? What if Alexa or Siri can be tricked into recording our conversations? In this session at D61+ Live Brisbane 2018, we spoke to AI experts about the concept of adversarial machine learning and how we can improve the robustness of these systems to prevent these things from happening.

On this panel:

Dr Richie Nayak

Associate Professor of Computer Science

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Dr Richard Nock

Group Leader

Machine Learning, CSIRO’s Data61


Moderator: Ketan Joshi, Communications Advisor, CSIRO’s Data61