Data61’s Dr Stefan Hajkowicz on the new normal with Bloomberg News

By Algorithm editorial teamMay 19th, 2020

“This is a great reset, which also means there’s a chance to start doing things better.” – Dr Stefan Hajkowicz.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed our world? Data61’s Dr Stefan Hajkowicz sharing his strategic insights with Bloomberg News, explaining that there’s plenty of silver lining.


What does the new normal look like? Data61’s Dr Stefan Hajkowicz provided some expert commentary on a post-COVID world to Bloomberg News this week, discussing the role of digital technology, teleworking going mainstream, and medical care online.


Dr Hajkowicz is the Senior Principal Scientist of the Insight team at Data61 who specialise in analysing emerging trends, drivers and scenarios, and apply modelling approaches to generate insights and inform future strategy and policy decisions. The team has helped author crucial reports on the future of Australia’s agricultural workforce, supporting Queensland industries through science, research and innovation, and Australia’s artificial intelligence roadmap. Discover their work here.


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