Event recap: Australia’s National AI Centre and the opportunity for business

By April 1st, 2022

Did you miss the CSIRO Conversations: Australia’s National AI Centre (NAIC) and the opportunity for business event? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy recap.

What was the event all about?

The event was hosted by Dr Jon Whittle, Director of CSIRO’s Data61 and featured expert commentary from Stela Solar, the inaugural Director of the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Centre. The team discussed the value of AI for Australian business and how the National AI Centre will activate Australia’s AI capability to create responsible and inclusive opportunities for every person, every business, and the country.

Man in black shirt wearing glasses and woman in white shirt stand in front of blue screen.

AI for business event hosts Jon Whittle and Stela Solar.

Why AI?

Globally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating incredible opportunities for business. Yet only 25% of organisations have processes fully enabled by AI with widespread adoption across their organisation.

Having seen the impacts of positive technology adoption, Stela Solar is determined to accelerate it and make it available to everyone in a responsible and inclusive way.

“Three of my colleagues were able to solve their children’s medical challenges using AI: problems that doctors had previously been unable to solve,” explained Stela.

“What if experts had the technologies in their hands to do their best work and enable us to be our best as a humanity?”

What’s in it for business?

Internationally, there is an AI race with businesses leveraging AI technology to gain competitive differentiation.

Businesses want the benefits of AI and emerging technology, but many have not succeeded in implementing AI at scale. What they need are trusted, established paths to AI adoption.

“The opportunity to remove uncertainty and build the trusted pathways to AI usage with our ecosystem could become a key differentiator for Australian business,” said Stela.

Why partner with the National AI Centre?

As Jon Whittle explained, the National AI Centre will only succeed if all of us, as partners in the AI ecosystem, come together.

“We are genuine when we say reach out to us. If it’s possible, we’ll find a way.

“It’s only by working together that we will solve the biggest challenges and leverage the opportunities in front of us,” said Jon.

How can I partner with the National AI Centre?

To receive National AI Centre news and updates, partner with the National AI Centre, become an AI Ecosystem Member, or participate in the upcoming listening tour, contact the National AI Centre. The first Foundation Partner initiatives will begin on 29 April 2022.

Still want more?

Watch the recording of the webinar below or visit the National AI Centre FAQ page.



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