D61+ Live – We chat with D61+ Live staff and guests about the event

By Algorithm Editorial TeamSeptember 12th, 2018

A series of quick one-on-ones about D61+ Live, coming up next week – chatting about big ideas and big opportunities at D61+ Live. Grab your free tickets using the link below!

Head of product at Data61, Jane Scowcroft, talking about what you can expect at D61+ Live – ideas, collaboration and some of the best minds in the country mixing it up in Brisbane.

A chat with Dr Matthew Beard from The Ethics Centre, previewing his appearance on a panel talking about the ethics of AI – can data be used to solve every problem we’re facing? Dr Beard argues we need to exercise caution when thinking about the applications of big data and AI.

Cheryl George, head of Business Development and Commercialisation at Data61, talks about the AI and ethics roadmap, and what she’s expecting at D61+ Live.

Ellen Broad, Head of Technical Delivery for Consumer Data Standards at Data61, talks about open data and some fascinating use cases which we’ll be exploring at D61+ Live.

Senior Product Manager Alezeia Brown chats with us about her talk at D61+ Live, and what she’s excited to see at the event.