D61+ Live – Keynote Stefan Hajkowicz, on digital megatrends and AI

By Stefan HajkowiczAugust 17th, 2018

In September this year, we’ll be holding our annual showcase event in Brisbane, featuring the work of our experts, a series of guests, and packed with invitees. There will be booth, keynote talks, panels, discussions and demonstrations. This Algorithm series will feature snippets of insight from smart humans from inside and outside CSIRO’s Data61. We hope you enjoy them, and please check out the link below to find out more about D61+ Live.

Stefan Hajkowicz is Senior Principal Scientist ,Strategy And Foresight, Insight at CSIRO’s Data61. We had a chat with Stefan about his work, and the fascinating topics he’s going to be delving into at D61+ Live. They’re big, deep issues, and they’re relevant to many different parts of Australia’s businesses, governments and citizens. Watch the video below, or check out the transcript further down.

I’m Stefan Hajkowicz, senior principal scientist at CSIRO’s Data61 working in the area of strategy and foresight. I lead the Data61 insight team. We are a group of 14 researchers and consultants who look at digital economic trends and scenarios, and try and help bridge the gap between all of the science and technology that we’re working on, and the implications in strategy and policy terms, for Australian governments, industry and community.

So, me and the team are looking forward to Data61+ LIVE. It’s a huge event on Australia’s innovation calendar and will bring thousands of people into into the space to talk about digital disruption, innovation, new industries.

We will be doing a digital megatrends masterclass. Digital megatrends are driving forces, reshaping the business landscape as digital technology improves. We’ll be looking at what they are, and importantly, how your business, government or community organisation, can adapt to get through the mega trends.

The Data61 insight team will have a booth that’s available, and we’d love to see you if you want to come up and have a chat about the sort of work we do. And we also will have another booth on an artificial intelligence road-mapping and ethics framework. So if you have thoughts or ideas about what matters on artificial intelligence, or would like to find out more about that important project, please do stop by and have a chat to me or my team. We’ll be there, looking forward to seeing you.