Global leadership in society’s biggest challenges

By Algorithm EditorialMay 25th, 2018

This issue of Algorithm explores Data61’s role as an Australian innovation hub with global impact. As we navigate the nuances of disruption and focus on innovation that benefits Australia, our work has drawn the interest of groups overseas. Becoming global leaders in deep science and tech provides benefits that flow directly back into Australia.

In this issue, we’ll dig into our work modelling floods in Chile, helping California fight increasingly intense wildfires, discuss what Facebook’s big data woes mean for platforms and big data around the world, and hear from experts on the future of industries in the ASEAN region.

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The Algorithm Editorial team

Global map showing surface air temperature changes, 2071–2100, relative to 1981–2010, using a low-emissions to moderate-emissions scenario ranging from -0.4 indicated by dark blue through yellow and orange shades 0.4 to 2.4 respectively, through to red indicating 5 degrees Celsius.

The header image for this issue shows a data set from the National Map open data project – Map showing simulated air surface temperature changes 2071-2100 relative to 1982-2010.Map prepared by the Department of Environment and Energy in order to produce Figure ATM24 in the Atmosphere theme of the 2016 State of the Environment report. Source: CSIRO, Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS)