Impact and media – Issue 4

By May 25th, 2018

April was a busy month for Data61, with several announcements and media stories showcasing our diverse expertise:

  • Our privacy experts spoke with media , and an opinion piece was featured in CIO .
  • The latest spin-out from CSIRO’s Data61, Coviu, helmed by Silvia Pfeiffer, was featured across several media outlets including The Australian Financial Review .
  • Data61’s Richard Nock spoke to Channel Seven’s Sunrise program about the worrying trend of ‘deep fakes’ – convincing fabricated videos featuring prominent spokespeople delivering fake messages.
  • The Strategic Insights team released a fascinating look into the future of Australian workplace safety, in the context of shifting patterns of work and increasing automation. The ‘Workplace Safety Futures’ report saw widespread coverage in Australian media.
  • Data61 released a RISC-V port of the provably secure seL4 microkernel, and announced CSIRO’s membership with the RISC-V Foundation and involvement in security working groups to help prevent security debacles like Meltdown and Spectre from occurring again. This was covered in several media outlets.
  • Our head of government relations, Cheryl George, featured in a Digital NSW video .
  • Hilary Cinis, UX and Design group leader at Data61, spoke at Web Directions 18, with some great live tweets covering her speech.

We saw some more coverage of our researcher’s commentary on using distributed ledger technology to increase the transparency of the operation of autonomous vehicles.