Media and Impact – Issue 6

By Algorithm EditorialJuly 20th, 2018

June felt like the busiest month so far in 2018, for Data61 – below are some highlights:

Stefan Hajkowicz, from Data61’s Strategic Insights team, gave a great presentation at Vivid Sydney, and also did a series of interviews with us around his talk, which focused on ‘Digital Megatrends’ over the next few decades in Australia. Watch the talk and interviews in the Youtube playlist below.

I was thrilled to see the report launched today at Vivid and get on our website. I think it’s going to capture a lot of interest because of the extent of concern and possibility around digital disruption.It’s opportunity and threat come together in the world of digital. I do believe this is this period of rapid transition that we need to move through.Really looking forward to seeing how the report has impact out there and continuing to work in his space. So the concept of a megatrend was introduced in 1982 by a US academic called John Naisbitt. He looked at major shifts that would put the world in a different space in his book that was published at the same title became a worldwide bestseller and actually was a very good read. We’re using the same concepts and techniques of analysis now to look into the future the next 10 years ahead.

Digital megatrends are about the major shifts associated with digital technology that matter for your career, your family, your quality of life and your company in the organisation that you work in. That’s the aim of this report is to inform your decision making. This technology revolution has two implications.

One part for Data61 is working on all the technologies to equip Australian industry in society with the most advanced artificial intelligence with machine learning predictive analytics and informatics that can power our industry and make it work better.Another part is understanding what it means for people and companies. The ‘So what’ factor and what do I actually do about it.

That’s hopefully we’re trying to bring them together by this report on digital megatrends that really tries to give you a pathway of how things might look in the coming years so you can think about how you make this world of digital work best for you

Also at Vivid Sydney, Data61 contributed to the data visualisation work underpinning a popular and engaging installation at Circular Quay, highlighting our work fighting common and dangerous diseases:


CSIRO’s Data61 won some significant accolades at state-level iAwards too, with Stefan Hrabar’s Hovermap project taking out a Queensland award in the ‘Industrial and Primary Industries’ category, and our TerriaJS project awarded a Merit in the Public Sector and Government Markets ACT iAwards.

Data61’s CEO Adrian Turner was interviewed on ABC’s The Business, speaking with Alicia Barry about Australia’s unique capabilities, and we shouldn’t be trying to emulate Silicon Valley:

To request a transcript please contact us.

Dr Fang Chen spoke at TEDxSydney, about artificial intelligence human control, which you can re-watch here.

Alexander Krumpholz and Raj Gaire published a fascinating and very timely piece in The Conversation, detailing what a privacy policy that is easy to understand could look like:

“Privacy Commons will help companies think about user privacy before offering services. It will also help solve the problem of communication about privacy in the same way that Creative Commons is solving the problems of licensing for humans and computers. Similar ideas have been discussed in the past, such as Mozilla. We need to revisit those thoughts in the contemporary context of the GDPR”Finally, we published a new post on the CSIRO blog, CSIROscope, about our sensor and robotics work in the Amazon rainforest, and the results of a recent trip deep in the depths of the jungle. Read it here.